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The Trouble with Trouble is it Starts Out as Fun

2-wild-dogsWe recently had a pack of wild dogs on our farm. When you have twelve dogs running together, everything starts out as fun. They’re playing, running, and having a great time enjoying life.

All of a sudden they see a cow, and they start chasing it. It’s so much fun, that when they find another cow, they chase it as well. And when it doesn’t move as fast, they decide to grab it by the tail. What fun!

Then they seem a calf that’s not much bigger than they are. This time, they decide to go bite that one. Again, all in fun. But before long, they’re standing around eating a calf.

See, the trouble with trouble is it starts out as fun. As the wild dogs ran together, they got bolder and bolder and bolder.

And it’s not only wild dogs. My five year old grandson is an incredibly intelligent young man. He’ll be in pre-kindergarten next year. But if you don’t keep him challenged, something’s going to be lit on fire or blow up.

The reason I know that is because he’s just like his daddy. And the reason I know that is because his daddy’s just like me. If I get bored, something’s coming apart.

And once I’m in trouble, it throws everything off balance. Once one thing is out of balance, it permeates everything I do. I can’t be a good manager, a good accountant, or a good friend if I’m out of balance.

And when I’m out of balance, I don’t see God, even though he’s there every day. And even if I could get by with that, I’m no longer as efficient as I could be.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having fun. But you have to be careful that you don’t become too consumed with having fun. Fun should not take the place of living an intentional, purposeful life.

What a Giant Egg Taught Me About Trials

I had a chicken lay an unbelievably gigantic egg the other day. My twenty-five pound turkey named Goliath has laid eggs smaller than the one my eight pound chicken laid! That thing was a breakfast meal all by itself.

As it turns out, laying an egg is a good metaphor for some of the things we go through ourselves.

As I picked up that giant egg from my chicken, I thought of the two things that the animal was feeling as it was laying the egg.

First, “Ouch!”

Second, “Ahhh.”

Just like the chicken, we all go through pain. And after we go through the pain, we have moments of clarity. It’s really what we do in between the pain and the clarity that make all the difference.

So many things in our own life bring us temporary pain, but result in long-term satisfaction. We have our own giant eggs to lay.

And when you’re in the pain, you feel like it’s never going to end! It doesn’t matter whether it’s relationship issues, business issues, financial issues, or something else entirely. You feel like it’s awful. At that moment, you feel like the world’s crashing down on you.

When you’re done with it, you don’t know how you got through it, and don’t ever want to go through anything like that again. But just like God made a chicken to lay eggs, God made us to go through trials.

Are they all going to be gigantic? Of course not. But sometimes the big eggs make the best breakfasts.