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The protective mother cow

mother-cowWe had something happen to us recently on the farm that was just hysterical. We had a mother cow on the farm with an infection in her utter. Milk production and milk quality drops when cows get this infection and the calf starves. We identified early on that there was a problem.

We took her to the vet and she was very upset about leaving her calf. The vet’s prognosis was that the cow not going to get better and the calf needed to be separated from the mama immediately so it could eat.

This mother cow has always been the first one at the trough, but during this time she would not leave the pasture to eat. Not only that, but she did not trust us to come anywhere near her or her calf.

When we went out to her to collect the calf, he was clinging to the mother’s side. She tried to run us over and ended up putting us back in the truck several times. We’re leaping and diving trying to grab this calf – it was actually very comical. When we were about to give up, I remembered I had a lasso in my truck.

I’m in the RTB and I’ve got the rope going and I throw the lasso and hit that calf right around the neck perfectly. Immediately when that rope hits the back of the calf’s neck, she jumped straight up. And when the calf did that, the rope fell behind her front feet and it’s sitting around her back feet. I pull on the lasso and get the calf pulled up by his back legs.

The mother was about 18 inches from my face and staring me down. She’s mad. I’m trying to figure out how to get the calf without getting out of the truck. We ended up transferring the rope to the truck bed and lifting the calf up from there.

That mother cow walked around the entire pasture for four days pacing and calling for her calf. She walked non-stop through the pasture calling day and night for her baby. It was very profound for me to watch that mama walk around the pasture for four days calling for her child. It was a great reminder that nothing can get in the way of the protective nature of a parent.

The voice in my head

little-voicesThere’s a little voice inside my head, and it’s not a voice that pats me on the back. It never tells me I’ve done a good job. It never tells me happy things. It never tells me how great I am. The voice is always bringing me down, causing me to second guess myself and have self-doubt. It causes me to hesitate and question myself.

My word for 2015 is “finish.” And because of that word, I’ve recognized as that voice is talking it me, I need to quiet him.

Simply telling him to be quiet doesn’t work. He doesn’t listen! Instead, I need to have a new dialogue.

To that end, I hang motivational pictures in my office near my door of things I need to be reminded of to encourage me and keep those negative thoughts at bay. The pictures I have in my office right now is a crown and a rhinoceros. The crown reminds me that God doesn’t create trash. I’ve been created in His image and I’m a prince.

The rhinoceros reminds me I’m a rhino. I shouldn’t do cow things, horse things or pig things, I should do rhino things. Nothing wrong with being a rhino, but I need to stick with what I’m good at. I also have a mosaic picture I’m going to be hanging on my wall that reads “finish” to remind me of my purpose for this year.

Surround yourself with things that will encourage and motivate you! That gives you a new internal dialogue, and helps keep that negative voice out of your head.