It’s the process, not the result

running-raceHave you ever sat back and considered how great the process of life is compared to the end result of what you’re trying to achieve? We are an outcome based society, we’re not into the process, and that’s not good!

What happens is when we become outcome based is we’ll start to look at our own relationships and ask “what can you do for me?” That really leads to a shallow existence for everyone. You end up burning through friends and no deep relationships ever develop. We become a mile wide and an inch deep.

Focus on the process, not the outcome. If you focus on the process, the outcome will be what you want it to be, it just takes a little bit of time.

When you enjoy the process, you develop friendships and depth. If I’m outcome based, I’m going to leverage your abilities for my outcome. If I’m process based I’m going to enjoy the process and enjoy life more. I still leverage your abilities for my gain, but I get to do it with a smile. If I’m an inch deep but a mile wide, I still get what I want, but if I have more depth I get what I want and enjoy the process.

Jesus was so relational with everyone he encountered. He was always looking for value of each individual. But it wasn’t about the outcome, it was about the process. He wanted to get to know everyone and share his love for others.

I strive to be like Him and hope others see Him through me. I want those I interact with to say “there’s something about Jay that makes me want to hang out with him. There’s something about him that makes me want more.”

I encourage you to focus less on the outcome and enjoy the process of life and living.