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Good news for Oklahoma taxpayers!

less-oklahoma-taxesIf you owe the state of Oklahoma any back tax, you’re going to love this news! The state of Oklahoma is forgiving any penalties, interest and other collection fees due on eligible taxes, but there’s a big IF. They’ll only do it if you pay your back taxes between September 14, 2015 and November 13, 2015.

Tax types eligible for amnesty under the Voluntary Compliance Initiative include:


  • Income tax
  • Sales tax
  • Use tax
  • Mixed beverage tax
  • Gasoline and diesel tax
  • Gross production and petroleum excise tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Privilege tax

All eligible taxes must have been due and payable for any tax period or periods ending before January 1, 2015. Eligible taxpayers will receive a waiver of The Tax Commission’s authority to launch the initiative is subject to the availability of funds required to carry out the program.

This piece of tax amnesty legislation is called House Bill 2236 and was signed back in May by Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin. The state could collect $35 million from taxpayers during this program.

If you have any questions, please call us at 405-341-7044.

Peach thieves!

peachesHave you ever been robbed of something you owned? If you have, you know the violating feeling that goes along with that.

We had such beautiful peach crop this year. These trees were so full that the limbs were touching the ground. Everyday I would pick off imperfect peaches from these trees just to help relieve the weight of the limbs and to help the tree grow bigger and better fruit. I even had to support these massive limbs with wooden posts to keep them from breaking off the tree. With about 300 peaches per tree, we were excited and ready to harvest this year’s crop.

One Sunday when my family and I came home from church, we noticed the peach trees looked rather bare. After investigating the trees, we discovered the trees had been completely cleaned out. There was not a peach left on any tree or on the ground. Knowing how animals feed on fruit, I know they wouldn’t cause this kind of carnage. Sometimes raccoons will climb the trees to eat peaches, but they’ll drop them on the ground and leave them to rot. Birds are the same way, they’ll eat what’s on the tree but rarely scavenge the ground.

Human beings are the only animals that consume to the point of obsession. After realizing we’ve been robbed of our peaches, we checked with the neighbor and found out their peach trees have also been cleaned off. We then came to the disturbing realization that someone had come on to our property and taken hundreds of peaches.

At the point, we actually called the police. I was livid. Someone violated my property – my little piece of heaven. I walked around the farm for a long time seeing if anything else was stolen. All of a sudden it hit me: I have two choices. I can decide that these people are dirty rotten scoundrels and let that thought fester in me until it drives me mad. Or I could decide that if they wanted those peaches bad enough, they probably needed them to feed their family. No matter which I decide, I’m still left with no peaches. On one hand I can be bitter and angry, or I can accept that in some way I’ve helped these people feed their family and meet their needs.

No matter how I look at it, I’m still left with no peaches. But the realization that I may have helped someone comforts me slightly and helps me accept this situation. How can you change your way of thinking about a situation that’s out of your control to improve your mood?