Don’t get discouraged by driving in the ditch

Back in the day, I drove a 1974 powder blue Pinto station wagon. Once, a friend and I were planning on fishing in a hole that was way back in the woods. The road that I used to get there had ditches on both sides of it. When I was driving, my car started veering off into one ditch.

I knew if I stepped on the brake, I would get stuck in the ditch. I kept on the gas and eventually got back up on the road. Then, I started veering off into the other ditch. I spent about a third of the time from the main highway to the fishing hole in the ditches on both sides of the road.

We made it to the fishing hole in the end, even if that meant I took my Pinto four-wheeling!

There are usually ditches on both sides of the road, both literally and figuratively. In life, we have the tendency to think that going off into the ditch is going to be the worst thing that could ever happen to us.

But driving in the ditch doesn’t always mean that your direction is wrong. It just means there is another step to get back on the road. For me, the ditch eventually let me get back on the road.

When you’re in the ditch, it’s sometimes scary because it’s not the safety you’re used to from the road. It may take you a little longer to reach your destination. You’re still going in the direction you want to go, even if it’s not the way that you expected.

Until you decide that you don’t want to be on that specific road, it’s okay to be in the ditch. Just let everything smooth out until you can see the road again. You’ll get where you need to be eventually.

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