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If we wait for when, we never get to then

Jay Parks

September 19, 2017

A lot of times, we have the tendency to live our lives by the When-Then Concept.

  • “When I lose weight, then I’m going to start jogging.”
  • “When I get married, then I’m going to save money.”
  • “When I pay off this car, then I’m going to start paying off my student loan.”
  • “When this debt’s gone, then I’m going to start saving for retirement.”

I can go through my life, and I can think of multiple when-thens.

I was talking with a buddy about the When-Then Concept, and he said, “Holy cow. This is exactly what I needed to hear.”

We can all find ourselves stalling instead of saying, “OK, now I’m going to do this.”

When I notice that I’m procrastinating because of the When-Then Concept, this recognition helps remove some of the barriers. It gets me down to what I’m able to give attention to, and it gives me direction.

The When-Then Concept applies in my personal life, my financial life, my relationship with my children, and more.

Being aware of its pitfalls helps me stop from saying, “When the kids get to summer vacation, then…” or “When the kids get back in school, then…”

I live my life waiting for the when, and the then never comes. It never arrives.

My wife and I had to overcome it when we decided to have children. We had been saying, “When we have enough money, we’re going to have kids.”

We realized we were never going to have as much money as we thought we needed.

It’s worked out just fine. Somehow our kids have survived. They eat, and they live indoors.

In what areas of your life are you stalled by the When-Then Concept? Once you realize where it’s holding you back, it’s much easier to move forward.

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