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Don’t let all the squawking disrupt your peace of mind

Jay Parks

August 16, 2017

In raising chickens, I house my flock in “chicken tractors” or mobile chicken coups.

Each chicken tractor of 75 birds has three 5-foot feeders, and the chickens can feed on both sides of each feeder. That’s 30 feet of feeders—more than enough for all of them to eat at their leisure.

But they sit at one feeder, and they fight with each other. Then one chicken will squawk because it got pushed out of the way. As soon as that chicken squawks, a chicken from the other side of the feeder that was eating by itself, unmolested, will perk up.

What does this chicken do? It immediately runs over to where it heard the noise and fights its way in, which provokes more fighting and squawking.

I’m amazed that these birds will fight at the same feeder when there’s plenty of food at the other feeders.

It makes me think of how many times I make life more difficult than it needs to be. I hear white noise, and I go running over there. Somebody has a new device, a new calendar, a new five steps to productivity, or three steps to the greatest relationship ever.

Rather than pay attention to what’s important, I’m easily distracted.

How many times do I miss the boat because I’m following somebody else who claims to have the latest and greatest thing that goes “bang”?

That’s all that many things are—attention-getters. It doesn’t benefit me. I would be better off to enjoy peace and quiet.

But, no… I have an idea, and I pick a fight on Facebook so that we can never talk again.

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