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Storms and opportunities

Jay Parks

July 18, 2017

A few weekends ago, I went on a motorcycle trip with three buddies. We had originally planned to go to southern Arkansas, work our way up to the north, and then head back home. The weather report forecasted a ton of rain, and it ended up flooding in Arkansas. My buddies and I decided to go somewhere without rain.

We jumped on our bikes and headed south to Waco, Texas. On our way there, we did a big loop around the western side of the Metroplex down to Waco. We planned on doing a big loop to the east on our way back, plus a loop back toward Gainesville.

On Saturday, we woke up in Waco and checked the weather. We had been dodging storms and watching the weather most of our trip. We knew we had to be home by Sunday, so we tried our best to plan a route to get us there around the storms. We started north, but we couldn’t take I-35 all the way north because of storms. We were on highway 34 and 78 for parts of the trip.

Whenever we saw a storm, either by the clouds or by our phones, we’d turn right and head that way for a while. Then, we’d turn left and head back north. If you looked at our route on a map, you would see a huge line of zigzags and backtracking. We just wanted to be sure we were not hit by the storms. We finally stopped in Ardmore for the night on Saturday.

We watched the weather and found out Myrtle Springs, Texas, got hit by an F5 tornado and four people had died. We had passed through Myrtle Springs an hour before the tornado hit. If we had made different decisions, we could have potentially been in that tornado’s path in a place we weren’t familiar with. We didn’t know where to find shelter, what roads were dead ends, or anything else necessary to keep us safe.

During breakfast that morning, we talked about the opportunities you have in life. How many times in life are you able to sit still? To turn left? To turn right? To still go forward but decrease your speed? There’s a reason for everything, like our directions and our speed. Sometimes I am so busy and distracted by the noise that I don’t listen to what the things around me are telling me. Are you?

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