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What season is your business in?

Jay Parks

December 5, 2017

It’s winter in Oklahoma, and the wind is not merely sweeping down the plains. It’s cutting through the cold, and Santa is on his way. It is the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season. But have you considered what season your business is in right now? Is it in a season of famine or a season of harvest? Do you know how to recognize and deal with each of the seasons?

Let me tell you a story

A client came to me when his business was struggling and in a season of famine. After the struggle came 30 days of what I like to call pop bottle rocket business. Sales shoot up into the sky, and the cash comes flowing in. Excited, my client ran out and began buying a ridiculous amount of video equipment. He spent a substantial amount of money because he anticipated this season of harvest would be his new normal.

What he did not take into consideration is the changing of seasons within business. There are times of famine, when the business is slow, and times of harvest, when the business is thriving. My client did not recognize the season of harvest, nor did he anticipate that a famine would come.

By recklessly spending money, he created a season of famine. When the season of famine came, he panicked. The panic created desperation, and everyone around him could smell it.

What’s that smell?

Have you smelled your business lately? That may sound like a confusing question, but hear me out. Your business has a certain aroma you give off to others. So do you as an individual. Is it confidence? Passion? Desperation?

Desperation is evident. I can smell it miles away, and it is usually the result of a self-created season of famine. When people come to sell me a product, I often can smell desperation on them. However, there is occasionally someone who comes in with such confidence they say, “This is our product. Here is how it works, and we believe in it. If you believe in it, that’s great. If not, see you later.”

Then, they get up and walk out. Sometimes before they get in their car, I am running after them. I want to do business with them because they smell like harvest, not famine or desperation.

During the season of famine, you may be worried abut money, but be aware that people can smell it on you. If you are using too much emotional, mental, and spiritual capital worrying about money, there’s nothing left to serve clients. Plus you smell bed, and no one wants to be around someone who smells bad.

If you’re in a season of famine right now, focus on the actions that can help bring you back to a season of harvest, but be careful to avoid smelling like desperation. If you’re in a season of harvest, don’t take it for granted. Every business has a cycle, and you must to be forward thinking by preparing for the famine during the harvest.

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